/list; Curation, research, writing

Florian Weigl works as curator and researcher and is interested in art and contemporary technology reflecting on society, in collaboration with artists in the development of critical dialogue, artistic reflection and practice-oriented research.

  • Meta.Morf 2024 - [up]Loaded Bodies in Trondheim
  • Curation; Co-curated Meta.Morf 2024 – [up]Loaded Bodies - Trondheim Biennale for Art and Technology at Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst, Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst and TEKS.studio in Trondheim Norway.
  • Destructive Circuits
  • Curation; Dani Ploeger’s exhibition Destructive Circuits brings together work from his long-running research into the appropriation of everyday technology to create weapons.
  • Catastrophic Structures
  • Curation; Catastrophic Structures: listening to the hum of distant machinery is the first presentation of Numina Gneisspecker’s long-term audiovisual research into catastrophic structures and their immanent slow violence.
  • Another Deep at V2_
  • Curation; “Another Deep” is a multimedia art and research project that explores the impact of human activity in Arctic water by Sébastien Robert and Mark IJzerman.
  • Abiosis by Heleen Blanken
  • Curation; In this iteration of the work, Heleen Blanken focuses on the element of light, the most significant element in the origin of life, in a new artificial setting. Will future technologies be able to generate new life, and is technology ultimately part of nature?
  • Asunder at IFFR
  • Curation; Redeveloped version, with new local scenarios of Asunder, a three-channel video projection brought to life by artists Tega Brain, Julian Oliver, and Bengt Sjölén.
  • 3x3 - 2024
  • Curation; with t.b.a. at V2_

  • {class} – On Consequences in Algorithmic Classification
  • Writing; The publication {class} – On Consequences in Algorithmic Classification brings together different perspectives on computational classification and its impact on society.
  • {class} at V2_
  • Curation; ‘Group exhibition {class} that delves deeper into the nature of the real and true consequences of computational classification.
  • presence (Un) presence at V2_
  • Curation; ‘presence (Un) presence’ is a durational performance installation by Martijn Tellinga.
  • V2_ at Ars Electronica 2023
  • Curation; Pop-up group exhibiton with Evelina Rajca, Gökay Atabek, Marlot Meyer, Werner van der Zwan and Charl Linssen (at ArsElectronica, Linz)
  • 54 BMP at V2_ and UBIK
  • Curation; 54BPM is the 2023 graduation show of the Lens-based Media Masters of the Piet Zwart Institute.
  • Test_Lab: Realities in Transition
  • Curation; ‘Realities in Transition’ is a Europe wide project that researches the impact of ‘extended reality’ (XR).
  • The .NEWART { COLLECTION;} at V2_
  • Curation; An exhibition of selected works from the .NewArt { collection;}
  • 3x3 - 2023
  • Curation; with Dennis de Bel, Richard Bolhuis, Jeanine Verloop at V2_

  • Becoming Geological
  • Curation; Becoming Geological provokes new and ancient imaginaries for the essential relation of the human with the earth and with the cosmos.
  • Curation; WATERWORKS is a group exhibition of several technology-based artworks that look at some of the most pressing global challenges of our time, brought about by the new water reality.
  • Anatomies of Intelligence
  • Curation; Anatomies of Intelligence (AoI) is an artistic research project between Joana Chicau and Jonathan Reus, who together work to make connections between the formats and collections of anatomical knowledge and investigations into the “anatomy” of computational learning and prediction processes, datasets and machine learning models.
  • Was There a Paradise, ...? at V2_ and TENT
  • Curation; ‘Was There a Paradise, or...', the graduation show of the Master of the Media Design & Communication program at the Piet Zwart Institute
  • V2_ at Ars Electronica 2022
  • Curation; Pop-up group exhibiton with Sophia Bulgakova:,Jeanine Verloop, Mihai Gui, and Oana Clitan (at ArsElectronica, Linz)
  • OOO: performance Julien Clauss + Olivier Perriquet
  • Curation; Objet Orienté Objet (OOO) is a live performance on analog devices in which three turntables and a set of projectors are manipulated in real time.
  • Test_Lab: Composing Interactions
  • Curation; Test_Lab to celebrate the publication of Marije Baalman’s book Composing Interactions.
  • Curation; Every Difference is Created is a series of interviews with artists that are part of the exhibition.
  • 3x3 - 2022
  • Curation; with Center for Genomic Gastronomy, Mark IJzerman at V2_

  • Reasonable Doubt
  • Curation; Reasonable Doubt is a group exhibition that looks at the raw reality and tangible effects of technical systems, and the (in)justice inherent in social systems.
  • Techno-Mythopoeia: Spectral Plain
  • Curation; Spectral Plain is the final outcome of the V2_Tryday series ‘Techno-Mythopoeia: Cosmogonic Tours’, where participants embarked on an online journey through different game-environments to re-mythologise the geopolitics and geophysics of electromagnetic frequency in a post-generational network world.
  • Refracted Reality
  • Curation; This exhibition is a collection of works created between 2020 and 2021 by graduate artists from the Lens-Based Media program of the Piet Zwart institute.
  • Test_Lab: Destructive Circuits
  • Curation; Introducing the research project of Dani Ploeger into the use of hacked consumer electronics in Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Verbógen Verbrijzeld (Shattered Scattered) at W139
  • Curation; A solo exhibition of Philip Vermeulen which presents four of his newly developed ‘hyper-sculptures at the W139, Amsterdam.
  • Oxytocina Machina
  • Curation; A VR-installation by Studio VRij, Mathieu Preux, Lucia Redondo, and Zalán Szakács presented at V2_, Meet (Milan) Espronceda (Barcelona) and Ars Electronica (Linz).
  • UNArt interview on with me on future collaboration
  • Interview; Collaborating with Care: Florian Weigl talking about Future Collaboration.
  • Curation; A four-day reworking of Dick Raaijmakers' Intona. In Intona Re-enacted, the DNK Ensemble investigated this unique performance in performance and performative exhibition.
  • Test_Lab: Social Distancing - Virtual Bonding
  • Curation; Online exploration whether and how current technologies enable us to remain virtually connected to each other in times of physical distancing.
  • Performing the Lens at V2_
  • Curation; Graduation exhibtion of the Master Media Design of the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam Performing the Lens: The Choreography, Algorithms and Materiality of Imagemaking.
  • Art and Care: Reflections on the To Mind Is to Care Exhibition
  • Writing; Publication in which we reflect on the curatorial research that has been undertaken in the run-up, but especially during the exhibition and peripheral programming.
  • 3x3 - 2021
  • Curation; with Christiaan Zwanikken, Špela Petrič at V2_

  • To Mind is To Care
  • Curation; Group exhibition focusing on the act of caring-for. With Ana María Gómez López, Driessens & Verstappen, Nathalie Gebert and WE MAKE CARPETS
  • To Mind is To Care - Who Cares?*
  • peripheral program with in-depth conversations reflecting on the exhibition
  • 3 × 3, Live experimenteren
  • Writing; Publication in which we reflects with the artists on their experiments.
    Conversations with Dries Depoorter, Jeroen van Loon and Constant Dullaart.
  • Martin Howse's Tiny Mining at V2_ (Online)
  • Curation; Tiny Mining is a mineral exploration co-operative and community committed to exploitation of the interior of the human body for rare earth and other mineral resources.
  • Comission; Online group exhibition online exhibition by Chronus Art Center, (CAC), that is
    co-presented with V2_ and ten other cultural organisations. With Jonas Lund.
  • Test_Lab: Of Microbes and Matter
  • Curation; Online exploration in which we zoom in on the lives of microbes and matter and speculate about the(in)organic systems they will collaboratively create in the absence of humans.
  • Intimate Observations
  • Curation; Group exhibition “Intimate Observations”, MUSEU ZER0, Tavira, Portugal
  • Test_Lab: Of Microbes and Matter
  • Curation; On the lives of microbes and matter and the (in)organic systems they will collaboratively create in the absence of humans.
  • Reading (as) Bodies at V2_
  • Curation; Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec’s Reading (as) Bodies
  • HYPER SCULPTURES at The Grayspace in the Middle
  • CANCELLED Curation; Philip Vermeulen’s solo exhibition at The Grayspace in the Middle
  • We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces
  • Comission; Online group exhibition online exhibition by Chronus Art Center, (CAC), that is
    co-presented with V2_ and ten other cultural organisations. With Helmut Smits.
  • Pareidolia
  • Curation; Driessens & Verstappen’s Pareidolia at V2_
  • 3x3 - 2020
  • Curation; with Isaac Monte, Dante Boon, Maud van den Beuken at V2_

  • 潜在故土 Latent Spectators
  • Curation; Group exhibition “潜在故土 Latent Spectators” (UNArt centre, Shanghai, China) The artists participating in the exhibition explore subjective and natural phenomena through scientific observation and inspection methods, revealing the parts that are not easily detected.
  • Test_Lab: Graceful Extinction
  • Looking ahead to our planet after the inevitable fact that humanity got extinct.
    With Ivan Henriques, Tue Greenfort and Petja Ivanova.
  • Ghosted Views
  • Curation; Marnix de Nijs' Ghosted Views at V2_
  • Jegens&Tevens interview with Florian
  • Interview; "Stroom Invest Interviews / curator Florian Weigl by Cybil Scott"
  • Sun Tracing
  • Curation; Johannes Langkamp's solo exhibition Sun Tracing (at V2_)

  • 3x3 - 2019
  • with Joana Chicau, Jan Adriaans, Helmut Smits at V2_

  • Operation Earnest Voice
  • Curation; Jonas Lund's Operation Earnest Voice at V2_
    Test_Lab: Artists on AI
    Curation; Showcase artistic research that's involving artificial intelligence and behavior.
  • The Physical Rythm Machine
  • Curation; Philp Vermeulen’s The Physical Rhythm Machine (at V2_, at ArsElectronica, Linz)
  • For Internet Use Only
  • Curation; Eva and Franco Mattes’ For internet Use Only, is turning the audience into voyeurs of the everyday. Highlighting the contradictory logic of this hypermediated space.
  • 3x3 - 2018
  • 3x3’s at V2_ with JODI.org, Driessen en Verstappen, Coralie Vogelaar

  • The Physical Mind
  • Curation; Teun Vonk – The Physical Mind (Intersections, Art Rotterdam)
  • A Hipster Bar
  • Curation; Max Dovey – A Hipster Bar (Intersections, Art Rotterdam)
  • Test_Lab: Function Creep
  • Curation; Taking Function Creep: 'the gradual widening of the use of a technology or system beyond the purpose for which it was originally intended as theme.
  • V2_ at Ars Electronica
  • Curation; Pop-up group exhibiton with Philip Vermeulen, Mischa Daams, Jip de Beer and Ruben van de Ven (at ArsElectronica, Linz)
  • 3x3 - 2017
  • Curation; at V2_ with Jonas Lund, Femke Herregraven, Marloes de Valk

    2016, 2015, 2014
  • The Gig Is Up
  • Curation; Group exhibition about cloud workers and forms of distributed and outsourced labour: the so-called ‘gig economy’(at V2_, co-curated with Sarah Cook)
  • I’m that Angel
  • Curation; Tyler Coburn – I’m that Angel
  • 3x3 - 2016
  • Curation; 3x3’s at V2_ with Dries Depoorter, Jeroen van Loon, Constant Dullaart
  • Studio Plots’ Dromenvanger
  • Curation; Studio Plots’ Dromenvanger (at NDSM Shipyard, Amsterdam)
  • Henk Schut’s Come On Board
  • Curation; Henk Schut’s Come On Board, (at NDSM Shipyard, Amsterdam)